“1:1 Learning with a plan – A new type of computer with CLoft, Google MDM and case.”

  • Quick startup for immediate play or work
  • Update automatically
  • Free built-in editor for Word and Excel
  • Collaboration capabilities encourage student learning

Clear Touch


  • Big viewing experience in 55″ – 98″
  • True HD and Ultra HD viewing experience
  • Intuitive 10-point multi-touch interactive experience
  • Full range of High Fidelity audio



  • Shatter-resistant glass
  • Can support weight of learning students
  • Made to work with your computer
  • Height adjustments from 7.5” to 56” from floor
  • Screen can be angled from 0-90 degrees


Optoma’s interactive projectors help educators teach in ways that are more natural and effective and that keep students more engaged in the lesson. Optoma’s ultra short throw projectors are the only interactive 3D projectors to provide a complete, all in-one solution, including 3D-capable projector with interactive pen and software.