Promethean Mobile Learning Device

Promethean KUNO is more than a tablet; it’s a 1:1 education tablet system built for the classroom. It is durable, equipped to drive participation and active learning. The number of options that can add to the classroom experience is a phenomena. The device levels the playing field for all learners as now everyone has the same immediate access to identified resources.


Promethean unveils ActivTable to inspire users to take an active role in their own learning and that of their friends by driving engagement, participation and creativity. The ActivTable provides the largest interactive surface area on the market and allows up to 6 students to use it at the same time.

Promethean ActivPanel Touch

Promethean’s Interactive LED LCD flat-panel display – a choice of a 65” or 70” Touchscreen-High visibility in all lighting conditions

- Up to 6 points of touch

-Supports Windows 8 gestures

Promethean’s ActivClassroom

Promethean’s ActivClassroom is an evidence-based 21st century interactive solution that accelerates achievement, is an evidence-based ecosystem that improves resource availability and connects teachers with today’s digital learners through technology.


“…A solution for 1:1 Learning. CurriculumLoft’s mobile learning solution that syncs digital content to a mobile device even when internet services are not available. CLOFT manages student accounts with a secure mobile web filter.”


Biggest Competitor to the iPad in the Education Market

“KUNO is the device that has the mobile operating interface to streamline app / weblink / curriculum delivery, has ability to view student screens and utilize all of CurriculumLoft’s capabilities.”


Qomo’s Quest Pro series LED Multi-Touch Screens are an easier, sleeker interactive presentation solution that displays a vibrant image and has virtually no delay when annotating. LED screens require no projector, which eliminates projector installations, expensive projector bulbs and a projection shadow.



  • Shatter-resistant glass
  • Can support weight of learning students
  • Made to work with your computer
  • Height adjustments from 7.5” to 56” from floor
  • Screen can be angled from 0-90 degrees


Optoma’s interactive projectors help educators teach in ways that are more natural and effective and that keep students more engaged in the lesson. Optoma’s ultra short throw projectors are the only interactive 3D projectors to provide a complete, all in-one solution, including 3D-capable projector with interactive pen and software.